Industrial sheet metal processing of highest perfection requires the entire company to focus fully on its core competencies and enhance these skills in an ongoing process, thus establishing the fundamental for innovative, sustainable and customer-oriented business activities.

UCPL is able to assist its customers in all stages of the production process. Whether it is about the development of a work piece or the setup of a welded construction, UCPL experts support you with their know-how. High-efficiency machines are available for sample production, prototyping or small-batch series, whereas tool-based manufacturing provides the basis for productivity and cost benefits.

Passion is an emotion that fully takes hold of the spirit. It includes forms of love and hate, but is also used for religious, moral and political exaltation and describes the intensive pursuit of goals such as those of art lovers, collectors and animal enthusiasts. In its daily usage nowadays, however, the fact that suffering is also a part of passion is often suppressed.

Process defines the entirety of processes that impact each other in a system through which subject matter, energy or information is transformed, transported or stored. A process stands for a type of social interaction in the course of which it is typical that other incentives are created during its implementation. These in turn bring forth new system states and consequently pave the way for social change.